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The School Day

Times of the School Day

During this time of restrictions around COVID-19 children go directly into their class bubbles from 8:45am and we are operating a staggered pick up system. The information below pertains to timings when there are no restrictions in place.


Members of staff will be on duty from 8:45am each day and for reasons of safety children should not arrive for school before this time.


The school bell sounds at 8:55am and the P2 - P7 children line up and are then escorted into their classrooms by their teacher. P1 children go directly into their classrooms during the Autumn and Spring terms.


All children P1-7 may go directly into their rooms from 8:45am on wet days.


Year 1

September (1st 3 weeks) 9am - 12:30pm

September on (4th week) 9am - 1:50pm


Year 2

Monday - Friday 9am - 1:55pm


Year 3

Monday & Wednesday 9am - 3pm

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am - 2pm


Years 4 - 7

Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm

Friday 9am - 2pm


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