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Meet the Governors

Board of Governors of Ballymagee Primary School

The school's Board of Governors brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and commitment to Ballymagee Primary School thereby ensuring that it meets the needs of the children and the community it serves. The Governors are responsible for all aspects of school life including staffing, curriculum, admissions of pupils, child protection and finance.


There are nine Governors who constitute the Board of Governors of Ballymagee Primary School:


Education Authority Representatives

Mrs Michelle Thomson

Mrs Deborah Johnston


Transferor Representatives

Rev Graham Kennedy

Miss Audrey Derby


Mr Colin Burrows


Parent Representatives

Mr Darren Gamble

Mr Adam Reading


Teacher Representative

Mr Paul Totton


The Chairman of the Board of Governors is Mr Darren Gamble.

The Principal is Secretary to the Board of Governors.


The Board of Governors was reconstituted in December 2018  and will serve until 2022.




Meet the Governors

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