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Lunch (Dinner Menu) & Break

Dinner Menu - September 2024

Lunch Time

Lunch break takes place between 12:40 & 1pm. Parents can choose whether they would prefer their child to have a packed lunch or school meal. Children bringing lunches to school are supervised in their classroom, while children opting for a school dinner go to the dining hall. Lunchtime Supervisors ensure children receive any necessary help with their meals.


Taste Buds is the name which was chosen by our children for the Dining Hall. School Meals Service provide healthy meal choices and parents receive a menu in advance to make their choice and opt for their child to go to school meals on particular days.


Payment for school meals is solely through the online payment system, Gateway.


The cost for a school meal is set by the Education Authority. Families who are in receipt of benefits may be eligible for Free School Meals.


Some of our children have a severe allergic reaction to nuts. For this reason we adopt a policy where children do not bring nuts to school.


Break Time

We adopt a healthy eating policy in relation to the mid-morning snack and children are asked to bring a healthy food choice for their snack for example, fruit or vegetable, cheese, pancake, low sugar yoghurt etc.


Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day, but we cannot permit children to sip on juice due to dental concerns.