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Every child has the right to say what they think in all that matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously. (Article 12, UNCRC)

Ballymagee School Council


The School Council is made up of 12 elected children. They meet once per months and put forward suggestions from their classes and think about ways to improve the school for everyone. 


Each child campaigned in their classroom sharing their ideas for the school and persuaded peers to ‘Vote for Me’. Following this, the class voted and the top two successful candidates were elected on to School Council. The P4 councillors represent their own class. The two children from each P5-7 class represent their own class and a KS1 class. We have 14 councillors in total.


In our first meeting we elected a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. We have chosen our local and global charities for this academic year.


The councillors will be the voice for the class they are representing on how to improve our school and will feedback information from meetings when appropriate.


School Council Members 2017 -2018

School Council Members 2017 -2018 1
School Council Members 2017 -2018 2

Hi my name is Scarlett.


I was on the School Council last year and we had some pretty good ideas. Here they are:

  • Our local charity was Cancer Fund for Children so we had PJ and Movie Day. We each brought in £1 to raise funds.
  • Our global charity was Operation Christmas Child. We sent shoe boxes filled  with toys, hats, gloves, scarves and soft toys for boys and girls in Africa.
  • We also took part in Sal's Shoes. At the end of the year we brought in our old shoes which were still in good condition. These were sent to boys and girls in Lebanon and Nicaragua who would not be allowed to go to school without shoes on their feet.
  • School Council also got digital clocks to go in the Key Stage 2 open areas.
  • The P7s were so happy because we got them football nets for break and lunch.
  • Star Workers will now get a wrist band and pencil as well as their certificate.


My favourite part of it all was Operation Christmas Child. We helped make lots of children in Africa so happy.


I really, really loved my time on School Council and I would recommend it for many years to come!

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