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April 2014



This month we have been getting ready for Easter! Our club had some fun when we thought of all the creative words associated with Easter time. We wrote poems, action rhymes and tried to turn some of our poems into songs. We have been rehearsing a  special new song called "Easter's coming" and two of our percussionists will be playing along with us in our next performance at the Key Stage 2 Easter service. 


Have a listen to our rehearsal! We had a giggle when we listened back to our rehearsing! Singing and playing in time can be hard, but we are getting better all the time! 


Happy Easter


Mrs Hanna and the Creativate Gang :)


March 2014
Special Guest Blog by Joseph Krakowski


I am a member of the Creativate gang and we went to Priory Choral Festival to sing some songs.  It started out after break time and the teacher in charge told us what would be happening. The first school was Sullivan Upper and they sang beautifully. They sang 2 songs and then sat back down. It wasn't a competition so we didn't need to worry about beating them. Finally we came third and sang 2 songs. The 2 songs we sang were Appuski Duski and Sing a Little Song (which was a bit more well known). We had put A LOT of effort into them. But we still had another song to sing at the very end! Other choirs sang beautifully and were really good. After their songs Priory Singers sang really, really good. One of the songs had low opera which put the cherry on top (I don't usually like opera, but I liked that!). For the last song altogether we sang "Sing" which was lovely. We all got a gift for taking part and we can buy CDs of our singing! It was a really fun day!


Click here to play 'Sing a Little Song'


Mrs Hanna and the Creativate Gang :)


February 2014


This month we are gearing up for our big performance at the Priory Festival! Rehearsals are going really well. We have selected our second piece and it has a funny title called "Apuskiduski". It is a fun song about a 'wise old sardine' :) The third verse is really exciting because we split into two parts.It has taken lots of rehearsal but we think our final performance will be super! In preparation for going to the festival we have also performed at our school Arts week. Lots of our teachers said we sounded "wonderful" so we are really excited about performing now. Have a listen to our rehearsal of Apuskiduski.

Click Here to Play 'Apuskiduski'



Happy Listening 


Mrs Hanna and the Creativate Gang :)


January 2014



This month we are getting ready to sing at our very first Choir Festival. It will be held in Priory College at the end of February. We have been asked to prepare two songs to sing. We have been thinking about selecting songs that will be fun to learn but also interesting to listen to and the first song we have decided to use is called - "Sing a little song". This song has an echo in it and we hope to show off our super part singing. We are rehearsing really hard but also having lots of fun! 

Mrs Hanna and the Creativate Gang :)



This month we have had a super busy month performing. We rehearsed carefully and performed at the FAB Craft Fair. It was a wonderful night of singing and many parents joined in when we sang "White Christmas". Next stop was a bus ride to Bloomfields Shopping centre where we joined with the Junior choir and sang carols. A big crowd of parents joined us and we sang our fabulous carols with lots of Christmas cheer. We also rehearsed a special new song called " How many sleeps?" and we sang it in assembly. We have attached it below. 


Click here to play 'How many Sleeps?'


Mrs Hanna and the Creativate Gang :)


November 2013


This month we are starting to get ready for our Christmas celebrations, but before we could start singing carols we journeyed through our annual ANTI-BULLYING week in school.  This year our theme was "I see, I hear, I feel".
In our Creativate session we discussed the exciting ways we can match words with sounds and then we recorded our own unique 'Anti - Bullying' song.  Listen out for some of the fun ways we used our voices to reflect the words in the song.


Click here to play 'I See, I Hear, I Feel'


Happy November!
Mrs Hanna and the Creativate Gang :) 

October 2013


We have had such a busy month getting ready for our harvest service and bringing some creative sparkle to our Key Stage 2 assemblies.
Lots of new members of our Creativate Gang took it in turns to be part of our Key Stage 2 assemblies and as we thought of this colourful time of year we prepared our very own Harvest Calypso. We added some percussion instruments to bring some fun to our performance and it sounded wonderful!
We wrote action poems about Harvest and in Key Stage 2 we learnt a new song called "What a wonderful world". We had some soloists sing the second verse and listen out for  our groovy 2 part singing in the middle of the song.


Click here to play "Harvest Calypso'


Click here to play 'What a Wonderful Time of Year'


Happy listening and have a creative day!
Mrs Hanna & the Creativate Gang :)


September 2013

Welcome to our Creativate Blog :)



Every Thursday 30 boys and girls come together in the CREATIVATE club and we find all sorts of ways of being colourful with our creativity. We sing, write songs together, craft action poems and that's just the tip of the creative iceberg! :) 

In September we had fun as we started to develop our club. We got busy creating and learning new songs and writing topical prayers that we could use in our Key Stage 2 assembly. "7 days" was our new song and we were really excited when we got to sing it in assembly. We recorded our performance with all of Key Stage 2
Have a listen to our super singing and what not sing along :)


Click here to listen to '7 Days'


Have a creative day!
Mrs Hanna and the Creativate Gang :) 

Sing a little song

How many sleeps

Click here to view Apuskiduski

I See, I Hear, I Feel

Harvest calypso

Creativate - What a wonderful time of year


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